Collective Division

Before we begin I would like to point out that in these articles I am not preaching a specific viewpoint or belief system, but rather attempt to explore the dynamics which create them.

The exploration of trauma is a helpful tool in understanding what creates our conditioned and reactive response in any given situation.

The understanding that much of the way we interpret and interact with the world is based on survival adaptations is a helpful lens to assist us in viewing our behaviour objectively, and exposing the root causes behind the surface phenomenon.

In this article I am going to explore some sensitive topics, such as binary vs non binary, vaccine vs anti vaccine, religion vs spirituality and so on.

These can be very sensitive topics for a lot of people and cause a lot of division and conflict. So before we begin I would like to point out that I am not stating any for or against ideologies, views, beliefs or experiences.

I am not stating any personal opinion but rather...

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Protection vs Connection

There was a discovery made by Bruce Lipton where he found that every cell in our body has two switches. One side of the switch being shutdown and survival, the other side of the switch being thriving and growth.

Each cell in our body has this switch, and is either switched on or off at any given moment. There is no middle, we are either in a state of connection or a state of protection.

The human species has primarily lived from a place of survival for thousands of years, our environment has caused our nervous system to adapt and learn to live from a place driven by unconscious fear. The primary objective of this fear is; survival of the individual, survival of the family, and survival of the collective.

When we are in a state of protection the areas of the brain that govern rationality, compassion, clear thinking, understanding and other positive qualities gets taken offline to varying degrees. We cannot be in protection and connection at the same time.

Is it any wonder then that...

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The Release of Survival Stress

Stress contractions accumulate over one's life created by situations where there is perceived threat, whether that be to one's identity or an actual physical threat.

They accumulate within the individual, as well as the collective soma.

This stress gets stored in the muscles, fascia, belly, chest and other areas of the soma. This creates density within the physical structure that can actually shape:
- one's posture
- one's belief systems
- one's sense of self

This also governs the way one moves and engages in the world. The energy of the system is in its contracted or closed state, which in turn gives a specific kind of experience of feeling separate and localised.

That is what some spiritual traditions refer to as ego identification.

The contractions inhibit the body's natural flow of intelligence that heals and regulates the system, eventually showing up as psychosomatic and physical illness.


The governing...

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