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Understanding Narcissistic Tendencies and Addiction

addiction addictionrecovery autonomic nervous system belief system embodied processing embodiement narcissist traumarecovery Sep 18, 2023

Narcissistic tendencies often coexist with addiction, as both can be driven by a self-centered mechanism for survival and self-regulation.

Unfortunately, this can lead individuals to disconnect from empathy and those around them, with their entire nervous system focused on dealing with their inner torment and dysregulation.

It's crucial to recognize that the way they treat others is not purely personal, nor is it intentional. However, it's equally important not to fall into the role of a rescuer, establish firm boundaries, practice self-care, and look after yourself in these relationships.

When it comes to addressing their need for help, a gentle approach is key. Let them know that support is available if and when they're ready to seek it.

You can offer something along the lines of, "If you find that this becomes an issue and you want to make a change, remember that help is out there, and I'll be there to assist you in finding it."

However, it's essential to remember that the decision to change and accept help must come from within the person themselves. Forcing the issue may only damage the relationship and make things worse.

Just as we can't force fruit to ripen, someone using substances to escape can only start their journey to recovery when they are genuinely ready to change.

As someone who struggled with addiction from a young age and has worked in various rehabilitation centers, I've found this to hold true without exception.

Remember, we can support a person's recovery, but ultimately, it is a path they must choose for themselves. 🌱💪


Peace & Blessing,


This article is based on responses made by Matt Kay in the Embodied Processing student community group.