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Working with Anger using Embodied Processing

anger embodied processing rage somatic therapy trauma Apr 10, 2023

The vilifying & resulting suppression of anger can lead to all manner of negative symptoms in a person.
Within our community we get more questions about anger than any other emotion. Somatically exploring anger can result in massive transformation.

Join creators of Embodied Processing, Matt & Ryan to discuss:
- Societies distorted view of anger
- The suppression (or over-expression) of this much needed emotion
- What anger can trigger within us
- How to work with anger
- Over-coupling with other emotions
- Integration & access to our personal power

There will be basic, intermediate & advanced concepts discussed so all are welcome.

More info on Embodied Processing HERE

Whether you’re working with clients now or are on a personal journey of healing (or both), this class is sure to add value to your life.

Un-integrated anger robs us of our zest for life, it can make us terrified of others.
We can unwind our associations and stored stress to truly be free.

This process cannot be understood by the mind alone.

The mind will actually reinforce the issue by creating a shame based identity, one that says “there’s something wrong with me”

When we understand the body, the nervous system & its adaptations we can remove shame and create true transformation in our lives.

We look forward to seeing you in the class.

More info on Embodied Processing HERE