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Alexandra Corless Interviews Melissa Hiemann about Trauma Informed Manifestation Coaching

business healing manifestation manifesting trauma informed traumahealing Apr 18, 2023

Interview with Alexandra Corless (Transcript) 


2:22 - Alexandra Corless 

Oh, Okay. Hi, I'm Alexandra. I'm uh, very happy to have this interview today with Melissa Hiemann, the co founder of the Centre for Healing and creator of certified signature courses. Last time we talked about root cause therapy. I have questions around the Trauma Informed Manifestation Coach course. Not to confused with the free trauma informed certification for coaches. Melissa Can you please tell us what made you create your signature course Trauma Informed Manifestation?

3:15 - Melissa Hiemann 

The trauma informed I was gonna say thank you for the wonderful welcome and yet it's a mouthful to say the trauma informed manifestation coaching certification it's a long one but I didn't like that's what it is so how I came about was that I my introduction to personal development I guess was like a lot of people maybe was the secret, so back when I was like twenty one they had the movie the secret if any of you have heard about it or the book watched that and I manifested buying a house, by twenty two a sports car a boyfriend with a lamborghini like all this amazing stuff and then I proceeded to sabotage and lose everything and do it over and over again and just have these terrible patterns so I took on the whole thing positively go for what you want blah blah but there was a huge bit missing and so then I when I started getting into healing and trying to work on myself I discovered trauma.

4:19 - Melissa Hiemann 

Healing and NLP and hypnotherapy and those kind of things. And then. So for the last eight years I was on that journey, receiving it myself and then deciding this is what I want to do and studying and working for myself and, and then eventually creating my own methodologies, combining what I found work from different methods. So then I was on this whole healing journey and then so the mindset was, I'll just heal this limiting belief and then better things will come in. I'll just heal this and that.

4:49 - Melissa Hiemann 

But then I just, I was like, why I'm, I'm noticing shifts, I feel a little bit better, but why isn't my life changing? I keep healing these blocks and my life isn't changing. And then I happened work with a coach who is into manifesting and it reignited and re sparked the manifesting side because I had given up on it because I literally lost everything that I manifested. So I was like, that's crap. I was like so positive in ignoring all the negatives. But combining manifestation with healing completely changed everything for me and our family.

5:27 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so I'm like, oh my gosh, like, it blew my mind so much how quickly I manifested. I smashed past income blocks, my health, like family, everything improved so quickly. I was like, this is the key. So a lot of people teach manifesting on its own and that's one thing. A lot of people teach trauma healing and healing on its own and that's another thing. And I'm like these need to be combined. And I was, I was so inspired and so excited that I literally just started combining them and putting them into a course.

6:00 - Melissa Hiemann 

Firstly for people just to learn themselves and then it turned into a certification so that actual people can become a coach and can coach up not only themselves and their lives, but are certified to coach others.

6:18 - Alexandra Corless 

Sounds very good and I agree totally. It's very well for me and my clients too, and like I said last time, I was looking for a while for the Perfect teacher and school and program. So yeah, and this is it for me. Regards to this course, What did you put together and what resources did you use? And what are your favorite authors around that?

7:01 - Melissa Hiemann 

I put it together a lot because with our classes or for me anyway, because we do have the other teachers at the Centre for Healing. But with my courses, I like to, and I mentioned this in a root course therapy interview, but I do like to create courses that someone can come in with no knowledge and can learn from the it incorporates the basics and the complexities and the tools. And so I've put in there the frameworks of like how to 1st wrap your head around that there's more dimensions than this dimension, there's more going on that meets the eye and the workings behind manifesting.

7:39 - Melissa Hiemann 

So not just like, oh, I put something on the vision board, but like actually how does that work and why does it work? And how do we send signals to the universe of what we want, How do we have good luck and bad luck, that kind of thing. And so there's all that kind of background, the science, the dimensions, the spiritual side as well, how our soul works. But most importantly, like how do. Manifest through our humanness and our human body. So there's the information and the knowledge about the spirituality, there's guided meditation to activate that, to activate our 3rd eye, to access the records and everything like that.

8:21 - Melissa Hiemann 

But then there's this somatic approaches to, but we are a human having a human experience. So even if we're tapped into our intuition and it's telling us the next step, it doesn't mean that our body is not free. Like if our body is not on board, we're not going to take action, we're going to sabotage, procrastinate, make excuses. And so that's one of the biggest blocks to manifesting is actually taking the inspired action. So, you know, we create a desire and then we get the information and we just, we feel blocked.

8:51 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so working somatically with the body, understanding that trauma, previous stresses, anything that's stuck in our nervous system can stop us from taking the action towards what is in the highest good for us and all. And so the processes, the tools in there are about shifting the Resistance in our physical body and our nervous system so that we can go towards our missions, our goals, our life purpose. You discover what is in the highest good and making sure that our desires and our goals aren't purely coming from our ego of feeling not sufficient or wanting validation from others or finally getting our dead's approval.

9:34 - Melissa Hiemann 

It's actually coming from, okay, this is like why my soul came here or this would be in the highest good. Inc. Like a making sure we don't hurt anyone else as well. So it's coming from our hearts, coming from our soul, so making sure we're not driven by our ego when we're manifesting. And it's also giving people permission to have what they want. I mean growing up, we go to the shop and our mom and dad's like, No, you can't have that. No, no, no. We just hear no, no, you know, And then when we like as an adult, we're you know, we're like, oh, we get jealous when other people have what they want, but then we don't ourselves to actually dream about and Go for what we want and what we truly desire.

10:18 - Melissa Hiemann 

So there's a bit of that in there, too.

10:24 - Alexandra Corless 

Totally love this, you know, that it's um, like life's uh, sole purpose, the high good. So not from the ego is so important if you want to change Um, society, but we come to that later. It's the only path I believe. Yeah, absolutely. For who are these trauma informed Manifestation.

10:55 - Melissa Hiemann 

We nickname it T Amc.

10:58 - Alexandra Corless 


11:01 - Melissa Hiemann 

It's such a long So this is for people. So I've had different people come through, so people that are already like therapists or healers or coaches and they're interested in manifestation, but they don't really know how it works or they want to learn more. So we get people coming in through that route, we get people coming in that are really into manifesting and they love it and they like learn, like watch everything about it and read about it, but they don't understand how the, how trauma can affect us, the nervous how human cells can get in the way.

11:38 - Melissa Hiemann 

So we get people coming in that route well. And then we get people that, like I had a couple of friends that signed up and they had a full, like spiritual awakening from it because they weren't, they didn't have that awareness, they hadn't fully opened up yet to those possibilities. And because I have some. It's in there for the left brain people and frameworks. It allowed them to take the spiritual aspect on board and let it come in and it completely changed their whole lives. So there's, yeah, people that aren't spiritual at all coming in and they're just like, I want to learn how to make more money in my business or whatever it happens to be.

12:20 - Melissa Hiemann 

But obviously with the coaching aspect, it can be for people that are looking to come into the coaching industry and want to have some powerful tools to help people achieve their goals, which is basically what a coach does. So it is really like the root cause therapy is like, okay, we look at the past and we heal the past and move forward in body processing, which is like another course that the Centre for Healing does is really about how do I feel safe in my body now and what, how do I feel?

12:51 - Melissa Hiemann 

And then the trauma informed manifestation coaching is okay, how do I create a future and actually allow that into my reality and allow myself to create that will be. Incredible. So yeah, we have a ton of people coming floating through that way as well. But like I said, you don't need any prior experience or if you are experienced in other things, this is a whole different way to approach helping clients achieve their goals.

13:20 - Alexandra Corless 

Thank you. And can you go a little bit, deeper into what is the win for a student, you know, and he, she does the course.

13:34 - Melissa Hiemann 

Them. So yeah, I find out hard to keep up as well. So it's really about. But like I said earlier, the course was originally created for people to be able to just manifest in their own lives. So I mean like 80 percentage of it is going on your own journey which you have maybe experiencing And so it's going on your own journey.

13:56 - Melissa Hiemann 

So then when you go to help others and teach others, it's coming from an embodied place where you've, it's because the methods I put in there are actually you don't need someone to do it on you, you can actually do them yourself. And so it doesn't require you to go find another.

14:13 - Melissa Hiemann 

Traum Reform Manifestation Coach Although I am encouraging that of course, that it's really a self development course as well and then, but then I have like this is how you would facilitate sessions and with the emails that you send them and like how you sell from the heart and things like that. So they're really getting that even if they just do it themselves, it's. And you can like share your experience, but it is your own manifestation and healing journey. And then just to top it off, you can decide if you want to facilitate with others or if you coming in just to facilitate with others, you will get a journey out of it yourself.

14:58 - Melissa Hiemann 

So that's the kind of win when there you can't not get something out of it, you know.

15:06 - Alexandra Corless 

It's impossible. Just if you start it, it's, it's really. So much is changing to the better so fast and all the understanding you get, you know, it's just incredible. I mean, I thought I know quite a bit, you know, but sure we, we never stopped learning. But it was like bomb, you know, like what? I did not know this and this. And then, you know, like, yeah, it was really good. So I was Um, like I said, it's uh, I kind of could see this when I before signed up, you know, that this, for example it's yeah it's affordable you know I find I know some people are winching or but if you compare it it's really not you know and it's afford Um, the lifelong learning and everything, you know, it's um.

16:14 - Alexandra Corless 

Yeah, I felt at home with you guys, you know, and yeah, still do and very happy that you do what you do, okay, and then, Talking about trauma, it's trauma informed. Most people don't know that they have trauma, they don't actually know that. It must not be some shock or some horrible event. It's they often can't remember. And it can be heaps of little things that happened and they just think it's kind of normal. What would be a short explanation for people who haven't heard of Trauma is or means and maybe tap into what it means for business.

 17:16 - Melissa Hiemann 

I, I can totally identify with what you're saying because I was like that. So I had no idea that I had experienced trauma. I thought I had a really good life and I would think of all the positives, even though I had so many cooking mechanisms and sabotages and blaming everyone else, right, for my current reality. And so I totally empathize with people and understand and you know, we have our parents on a pedestal often, often a lot of our childhood memories can get blocked out and like you said, they can't remember, but that can actually be a symptom of trauma and yeah, like you said, trauma isn't just huge and it certainly is, but it isn't just having a huge car accident or rape and things like that, and they are certainly traumas, but also it's just, trauma is something that happens where you don't feel safe enough to express how you're feeling and you don't feel safe in general and so.

 18:17 - Melissa Hiemann 

If something happens to you're two years old and you're getting yelled out by a huge adult and you've got no one there to hold you, help you process it, that gets imprinted on the body and that and that, you know, you go into freeze response. So you're go into shutdown and you don't feel safe and you can't do anything in like a deer in headlights. And so these stresses that happen to us and these moments where we feel unsafe growing up and these are even these, any moments of pain like that.

 18:45 - Melissa Hiemann 

We didn't have anyone there to help us process because we can't self sue their traumas as well. Sometimes it's, you know, what happens to us and what doesn't happen to us is a trauma. Maybe for me I had, I guess you would say, emotional neglect. Like no one asked how I was feeling, how was school? Like I was bullied all the way through primary school. I was a Lit alone. I never had like friends and things like that, but I'd get home and I just feel the same at home. Like because and, and that was a, that's like an ongoing Sense of like I have no support in my life.

 19:25 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so that in itself, like I had to work through things like that. And so it's not always the big things that general things that did or didn't happen to us that can, yeah, often get blocked out. And of course we remember good things in our lives as well, most of us can, but the bad things often get suppressed and then they kind of leak out into our lives now. And I have so many clients that, you know, they might be in their 50 s, 60 s and we're going back to when there were two and it's still affecting them today or in the room or things like that.

 19:57 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so that's being trauma informed is understanding that every single person has probably experienced pain, stresses, and trauma in their life, and it can affect their behaviors, what they do and how they express themselves and how they interact in relationships. So having that awareness as a coach and being able to notice when someone you know, you can be a coach and be like, just do this and they stop They can't do it. Instead of yelling at them more, it's kind of like what's going on for you?

 20:29 - Melissa Hiemann 

Let's see if we can shift this resistance, see if something that's happened to you in your life that is stopping you from being feeling like it's safe to be seen or something like that for you taking action on this. So it's a very gentle way to coach and a trauma that's being trauma informed basically.

 20:50 - Alexandra Corless 

Okay. And could you go a little bit more into business or there is somebody,

 20:57 - Melissa Hiemann 

yes, sorry.

 20:59 - Alexandra Corless 

No, no, it's right, just if somebody is uh, I mean. You said it already, but I just want to. Talk a little bit more about it. Like there's so many business, datas and they fail so often and then they give up or whatever. So if you wanna start a business, what is the, the Most important thing The most important step to do to make it work.

 21:34 - Melissa Hiemann 

Okay, so for me and, and my experience with helping other people in business is that number one. You need to. And this is the whole, the process anyway in Tram and from coaching to connect with a vision. Because if you don't have a big vision to connect with, whether it's in the next ten years, 50 years, whatever it is, you're a big vision of like that bang that you get like, yes, this is what I meant be doing and being able to connect that. If you don't something that, then the, the world just wish around.

 22:03 - Melissa Hiemann 

You don't have anything to pull towards when you have that big vision, when you go through the ups and downs which you will in business and as a human right. But you've got that tether to the vision, so the ups and downs, you know, it's just a part of the journey. That vision pulls you, it pulls you to keep going and so it allows you to have resilience, it allows you to feel like and understand that. Failures are failures. That means that you're trying and that's great. And to that resilience to keep going I will eventually get to this point I know that I will and this is just a part of the journey now and having that kind of optimism of like in my body this feels like very scary I feel like I feel like giving up but that vision just keeps pulling you along and then working on clearing those resistances along the way and using your intuition it is like way better than google your intuition if you work with your intuition in business you save so many years and so much money I promise you I promise promise you and the thing is with your intuition it doesn't always make logical sense it's it will tell you to do stuff that you really don't want to do right and but this is where we grow and we're here to grow and so you know sometimes I have to like answer an angry customer or something for example and I'm asking my intuition what should I do and it's like that annoy.

 23:48 - Melissa Hiemann 

Wise parent That's like, yeah, you should do what they're saying and you're like, no, but it's the wiser part of you and it's connected to everything and so for example with that example it's making me step into leadership being ethical making sure I'm doing things in the right place and not coming from my ego and letting my inner children run the business okay not and so what can happen is that if we're not listening to our intuition our limiting beliefs are running the business I'm not good enough I'm not worthy you know I fear failure I fear success which is like a big one I would end this kind of segment in regards to business with money is a big part of business and it's a massive effing trigger It's such a trigger for so many people.

 24:40 - Melissa Hiemann 

Often there's stress around money growing up or there's a lot connected to it, or there's belief systems connected it and so all conditioning, we're conditioned employees through the school system. And so when we go, okay, now I'm gonna charge you more money. Like, I've had a few employees, so I had to ask them for two weeks. I'm like, can you send me an invoice? And they, and they're freaking out, like they've never sent an invoice or asked for money directly, they've always just got to pay, right, a pay slip or whatever.

 25:13 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so it's like those little things actually are really, really important. Being able to notice where you're having glass ceilings, like noticing how much you're allowing yourself to make to save, are you? Because if you're running a business, that's the lifeblood of the business, it allows it to keep going. So we need to create a new relationship with money through that and being able to ask for money. I say a business born when you have your 1st paying client, right? And so that for, for me, I'm really passionate about the money side because it allows us to be able to relax in our life while we can continue to do this very important work and Share what we're downloading and It allows me to have space and time so I can meditate and I can share information that is coming from the universe, you know.


26:12 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so this is why it's even regulating for the nervous system to feel financially secure, this is why it's important and businesses fail, why do they fail, because they're not making money, right? And so as triggering as this is for people, if they can work on that relationship, it's really going to help their business. Of course, it's not the number thing, but you know, there's other things making that you're delivering really, you know what you're

 26:38 - Melissa Hiemann 

that you're delivering, that you're looking after your customers like, you know, you continue to learn and work on yourself. Like that's obviously important. But yeah, the vein of the business is the money that comes through. And so I do have a lott that kind of sprinkled through the course because I am passionate about it and I know it's taboo. I guess in the, in the spiritual world, But I think unless we're all gonna be like living in villages again and just foraging for food every day, it's a reality that we need to.

27:17 - Melissa Hiemann 

That's how we forage now we need money to buy food. So yeah, that's my little.

 27:24 - Alexandra Corless 

Thank you, Melissa. Very good. Yeah, So you basically said already what it does internally for the person. So also the nervous, nervous system is changing, so the person feels totally different. It's my, it's so much is happening from state of how we feel. How would you describe a person like that? It was like before that, after just from there Stayed off feeling our nervous system just

 28:09 - Melissa Hiemann 

Yeah, like I definitely know there's some students that were like workaholics before they definitely had beliefs and things like that, that they had to work really, really hard and to push and force and be deceptive and things like that to make money. And then once they completed the course, they realized it was safe to not just work all day and to have life outside and actually create a life that would be relaxing for them but also abundant for them and feeling safe to do so, not feeling like you have to just constantly be pushing and working in that hustle mentality.

 28:50 - Melissa Hiemann 

It's, it's a different way to create your life and to create abundance and yeah, to be like a human, not just a coach or not just a business owner. It's a lot of people get that balance out of it, I believe, and they're actually saving so much energy because like I said, when they follow their into. Tuition, they cut, they're cutting off so much, un unnecessary, you know, this shiny object, this shiny object or I should do this and getting influenced by everyone else. Going all around rather than just be like, okay, this is what I need to do for the next year.

 29:34 - Melissa Hiemann 

My intuition saying do it this way and you're working 2 h instead of 20, like all of a sudden and you are getting the same results and that. So that's a lot of what I hear. Or even just breaking through income ceilings is one as well. And allowing the good in. When our nervous system trust that we can a have what we want and it's to have what we want and It's to have what we want. Then all of a sudden, the good things start coming into their lives as well.

 30:11 - Alexandra Corless 

Thank you. Different topic. So the coaching market is quite saturated. So what is the difference really to other coaches or coaching strategies? Why is trauma informed manifesting manifestations or outstanding I mean, you touched a lot already, just in a few words, maybe the summary.

 30:47 - Melissa Hiemann 

When I read that question before the interview, I'm like, that's just avi lef Alexandra that it's saturated, there's enough for everyone.

 30:56 - Alexandra Corless 

No, I just heard it recently, you know, and I thought, no, don't let them put me off, you know.

 31:04 - Melissa Hiemann 

I mean it's a multi billion dollar industry now and it's just growing and growing. And it's not just the people like that sign up for coaching, it's a lot of coaches have coaches as well and it, it's just continuously growing and there's enough for everyone. There's when it's only saturated, when we kind of copy other people or we're not like being a tic cells because then we're not going to attract the people that are waiting for us. There's so many people waiting for us that need our exact experience and energy.

31:36 - Melissa Hiemann 

I mean the coaching certificate is like a piece of paper and it's got the tools, but at the end of the day it's like people waiting for someone just like you on their, on their journey and the In that sense because when I started I thought there was competition and then the long ago on my journey, I'm like, oh my gosh, there's literally no competition, especially when you go towards being authentic and trying your best to be authentic and I'm not like fully there. It's like a lifetime journey, and I'm aware of that too.

32:13 - Melissa Hiemann 

But yeah, I think that what sets it apart is that combination of having that trauma awareness and then also Embodying the manifestation with it because it's like, yeah, usually they're just two different schools, you either doing trauma healing or you're a manifestation law of attraction person. And so if you're someone that's like, we need both, then this is like, it's, it's actually, and I'm sure there's other courses similar and I think you sent me one or not. You were like, oh, they use your name.

 32:46 - Melissa Hiemann 

I'm no, I think it's yeah. Again, there's no competition because they're to come like there's to different things, you know, different energy. But yeah, it's those two combinations for people that are, yeah, just aware, like become aware, are aware of both schools of thought and how to integrate those.

33:23 - Alexandra Corless 

Being trauma informed, but also do the healing. So this is basically mix of both is what it makes. It works so.

33:40 - Melissa Hiemann 

It's really addressing like the past and the future, but it is more focused on the future with only shifting in the past that we need to if there's a block in the future and not getting stuck in a healing cycle. That could just go on forever. It's like, yeah, creating a, a life and feeling, being able to feel good at our life and have what we want. Yeah, so that's, that's the

34:10 - Alexandra Corless 

Thank you, I can't get enough of it, so I keep asking.

34:16 - Melissa Hiemann 

That's okay.

34:23 - Alexandra Corless 

Can you tell us a little bit more about the cause itself?

34:29 - Melissa Hiemann 


34:29 - Alexandra Corless 

More details what you put in there and why.

34:35 - Melissa Hiemann 

Sure. So in the course there is a bit of quite a bit of theory and so there's a explaining of how what is happening in the background when we're manifesting, right? Or what is happening in the background when we're blocking, taking action, or when we're keep attracting something that we don't want in our life, right? Like our nervous system, I see it like an antenna. And so I go in and explain all of that and how The universe, the archeological, the orchestra of the universe is conspiring to try and help you and bringing your desires.

35:14 - Melissa Hiemann 

But like, how are we blocking that? But then there's also actual processes of and guided meditations and activations, like tapping into our vision, tapping into what would be the best thing to call in and then, and then somatic processes to start shifting our human cells so it can become aligned with what we want to attract and to really accelerate. That. And I guess using the manifestation word quantum leap, like how do we actually quantum leap? What does that look like, And one of the biggest things that I wanted to teach in the course is like, where a lot of people give up is the void, the time, the processing time.

35:59 - Melissa Hiemann 

So we're like, we make it. This intention of this is what I want. But our current vibration obviously doesn't match that because otherwise we would already have it or be the person that has that. And so there's a in between time of like nothing's happening or everything's going wrong. And so people are like, Oh my God, up there mustn't be working. And they just give up. And this can be for business relationships whatever. And they just settle for what they have because they don't understand this in between time processing whether old vibrations have to shed to allow for the new vibrations and identity to come in to have what we want.

36:35 - Melissa Hiemann 

And sometimes it's just before we get there, we're like, this doesn't work. And so I think explaining that and I have a lott people because you can ask questions under each lesson, they're like, Literally, I was going through that. And the next lesson you explain what I'm going through. Like I know the process because I've embodied it for so long. They're like, you were like literally freaking me out because it's like every single thing that is happening next, you've got an explanation for it.

37:04 - Melissa Hiemann 

So it is that really, that inner understanding of like, okay, this is what is happening right now and it's okay, like I don't have to give up or anything, I can keep going.

37:15 - Alexandra Corless 

Yeah, that's very important to know. Absolutely, yeah. Okay and is trauma informed manifestation, for everybody like in the sense of I mean, some people have severe, severe trauma and they easily get triggered, Is there anything they should do before they take the cocos, or is it safe to do for everybody?

37:49 - Melissa Hiemann 

It's definitely like a touchy subject because if you say to someone that has been through a lot of trauma, you create a reality like that is very invalidating of their experience. It's very triggering for them and they, they don't resonate with that obviously. And so I like to say, look, when you were a child, you didn't create your reality, you had no control, right? You were fully vulnerable with these people. And so that I totally That.

38:18 - Alexandra Corless 


38:18 - Melissa Hiemann 

But as adults, we are responsible to now re parent our inner children and to start to create the life that we want and try to step out of this victimhood and, and step into actually connecting with our inner power and understanding that we are the creators of our reality. And so with, with that trauma informed lens, some people are ready to do this course. I've had some people comment in the course they couldn't do certain things in the course that connected their vision, and I would say to them, do the next lessons because they're.

38:55 - Melissa Hiemann 

Is healing work in it, do the healing, inner child healing, do the resistance numbers, do those things, then come back to the connecting with your vision meditation and that has worked fine. And so yeah. And so some people just need about just wait a little bit or I do refer through the course. I do believe that if you're en coaching, therapy, healing, that you should have a, someone that you regularly see at least once a month, not because there's anything wrong with you, but just because this evolution and growth that you're on, you are going to get triggered, studying this, helping others, things like that.

39:33 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so for those moments it's good to have a safe space where you can help when you can start to work through these triggers. Because some people like, especially they have a business, the business itself is a triggering thing and it will make you grow. So for business and for being on this journey and helping others on the journey, I refer through the course, like if this is too much for you, do some work, come back and it's lifetime access. So. Not like there is like a set urgency time where, oh, I have to complete it by this time.

40:06 - Melissa Hiemann 

It's like you need to take two months off, do some healing work and come back totally, that is totally up to you. So yeah, I hope that kind of answers in relation to.

40:17 - Alexandra Corless 

Thank you. It was co, yeah, beautiful, I wanted to say something and now it dropped, it might come back later, Why is being aligned with the soul and soul purpose, so important?

40:43 - Melissa Hiemann 

Yeah, I think that a lot of issues in this world comes from feeling like we need to. Force things to happen in our lives or everything happens outside of us, and we need to coerce or manipulate people to get what we want. Or if we're like really we can go the other spectrum and be like waiting for everyone to save us, validate us to have what we want. And we're very docile and we don't take any action or make an impact in this life. So it can be two sides the spectrum. So then being able to connect with your soul and realize this, you are connected to everything and how powerful you are.

41:24 - Melissa Hiemann 

I think that is like one of the most important realizations to have because all of a sudden you've taken the steering wheel back over from your Emg. Dela Your medulla is like the animal part of our brain that is just driven by sex, money, ego, trying to get what we want from others, right? And so that. Is like shifting away from that and shifting into being ethical. What the what's the best decision to make here for me, but is ethical for like, how does it positively impact everyone else?

42:07 - Melissa Hiemann 

And also stopping judging everyone. Like if we realize that like when it's like we can't stop judging people, we're going to it naturally, a whole life. But like if we are judging people trying to make others change their behaviors to make us feel better and constantly trying to change the world externally, we're never going to be happy.

42:26 - Alexandra Corless 


42:26 - Melissa Hiemann 

We don't like it when people tell us what to do and how to change, but we expect it's okay to, you know, expect everyone else to change to make us feel more comfortable. So that is really disempowering when we're constantly attached to those stories and waiting for everyone else to save us and to change and to coming from empowerment and going, I can change my reality. Everyone hass free will, but I can change myself from within and what I attract in that. May or may not shift them, but that's not my responsibility and I don't want to control people.

43:04 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so, yeah, there's a huge difference in that. And then why it's so important to connect with our own energy rather than trying to take from others energy.

43:15 - Alexandra Corless 

I mean, if everybody would do that, I mean, society would change completely. Oh my gosh, life could be so beautiful. I mean it is, but I mean, yeah.

43:28 - Melissa Hiemann 

But this is a kind of ripple effect, you know, when you take classes like this and when you awaken or similar ones, doesn't have to be hours or when you tap into your own. An annoying, which is I hope the biggest gift that we give our students is and the ripple effect of that, you know, their clients is having this awakening of themselves and realizing who they really are and like you said, like where we can't fully change society overnight, but this ripple effect, this is what k get me up every morning because I'm like, okay, if only one person shifts today,

44:03 - Melissa Hiemann 

like I know it's gonna positively affect everyone around them and yeah, so it's just, it's, it's a part of, I guesss, like our mission and our realization, realizing that change comes from within, you know, from ourselves, yeah.

44:24 - Alexandra Corless 

Absolutely. What would it do with greed? Would people be lesss greedy too then? As a flow.

44:37 - Melissa Hiemann 

I think these kind of terms like greed, I think they're natural states of being a human. And sometimes we're greedy like, you know, we're hiding extra chocolate and the cupboard from our husband, like we're all like we've got to own all these parts, you know. And so that we can integrate that. But like I was kind saying at the start, this course is really about you connecting to your soul's mission and purpose. And that is not coming from fear. Greed comes from fear and scarcity. Like no more is gonna come in.

45:09 - Melissa Hiemann 

I have to hoard all this. There's no like flow. Like, you know, when we receive money, it should be coming in and out, not just like hoarding it. It stops the flow of things. And so greed is like banking it up out of fear. So if we can look at it from a trauma informed lens, we can look at it compassion. Like oh they're in fear that, you know, more may not come in or, you know, they can't see past their own consciousness. They then they're not seeing how we're all connected and how. Them keeping for themselves or create a ripple effect of other people keeping their stuff and If we were to open that up and open up great, it would be wonderful, but you have to look at them like, oh, anything that comes to trauma, any behaviors that you see somebody doing, I literally ask myself, like what happened to you when you were younger, like for you to be like this, There's full confusion there.

46:04 - Melissa Hiemann 

I seee there's Acting there,

46:04 - Alexandra Corless 


46:06 - Melissa Hiemann 

you know, and, but we all do it too. Like sometimes my five year old tries to make relationship decisions or money decisions and, but I have to catch myself and so if we can look at them, yeah, with that compassionate lens. Then it'll allow us to see where we can. Is there a mirror in us, something that we can shift? Why are we judging them so harshly? Where am I? Being greedy? And you know, it can be really healing for someone, for you to just have a unconditional space of unconditional love rather than going yeah, because then you're just feeding into that anger and the fear.

46:40 - Melissa Hiemann 

So. That's my kind of perception of it, I guess.

46:54 - Alexandra Corless 

Very good. I really like it so. I, I think, read is a very important topic in society. I'm really looking forward when this is changing. So um. Okay, and yet, your personal vision of your Future work and lifestyle What is this?

47:24 - Melissa Hiemann 

I mean I'm in this kind of stage, I'm doing a lot of healing work quite recently and kind of just deciding like how I want to live day to day and creating like a new vision so I have my vision of like for our family and I have the vision of the centre for healing and how the big picture and i've been connected to that since we opened in twenty sixteen the big picture but on the way to that there's little milestones. You know, the little goals on the way to the, to the bigger vision. I mean this year I'm gonna create self healing protocols or a self healing course purely for people that just want to have a tool, have tools outside of when they work with someone to nurture themselves and heal their inner children.

48:27 - Melissa Hiemann 

Yeah, we just continue to update and innovate our current courses and really at the moment our business looking how can we nurture students are already the community, can we make that a good experience, like better, better and better, like, you know, for you guys, that's really what we're working on right now. And then in terms of manifesting, yeah, I'm trying to manifest a family home for us, trying to let go of the hum and the how as best I can as I message you guys that are in the course.

49:00 - Melissa Hiemann 

How I'm doing that at the moment is looking at houses that are similar.

49:12 - Melissa Hiemann 

Looking at the price, noticing where my body freaks out like I've become dysregulated and trying to regulate my nervous system and trying to make that amount normalized and normal. And I haven't got a fully set date or year that I want to manifest that I'm kind of playing around with letting go of you know it has to be manifested by june twenty four so you know as I go on my evolution and journey then I teach you guys as well so my experience isn't just my experience so that's what we're

49:51 - Alexandra Corless 

Yeah, it's lovely how you share for this. And yeah, I remember what I wanted to say before because you have this beautiful community, Facebook community and peer groups and all these things. So we are never alone on our journey. So this is really and you're very personal, like with things, you know, it's not just what I really like, it's not cold, you know, it has a warm feeling to it and welcoming and caring. So.

50:28 - Melissa Hiemann 

Behind the scenes. You don't like, cause me and Ryan, obviously this is our company and, but we have different courses in the company, but we literally celebrate everyone that comes into our world and we like, you know, we get a email and someone signs up. We're like, Oh my God. And Ryan and I, like, are so genuinely grateful for every single person that comes in. And, and that's something that we hope that you guys can feel when you come in. But not only that, that you, as best we can in an online experience, It's not the same as in person, but that's what happens when you have going and be like worldwide.

51:07 - Melissa Hiemann 

As best as we can, you to help people feel not only welcome but nurtured. And that lifetime access and support is a part of that and something that we have committed to which we didn't have to, we could say twelve months, that's it. But um, because it's like so important for to as you, as you grow, as you get different clients, as you need. Help with different things and then also to become mentors yourself with the new people that come in. I think that's really important too. And that is organically growing at the moment round.

51:48 - Melissa Hiemann 

Like I made the intention, I'm like, oh, we need support calls for each country. And then all of a sudden it's happening on its own. I'm like, oh hey, like thanks to making a support call in the Uk, like do you want to make it official? Like it's just. So I think yeah, as the community grows, the you guys are able to step up, the ones that have been doing it for a while and help the next ones that come through. Because something that really helped me earlier on, I guesss through my career about like starting this business is that we, there is no hierarchy, we're all on the same level.

52:20 - Melissa Hiemann 

I don't care who you are, what your title is, It's like we're just all humans, just doing our best, We all have struggles, we all just want to feel safe and happy and having respect for everyone on that level. That's, I think that maybe comes through as well. But that's always been like, Because I went from being a rebel and hating authority to like going the other way and going there is no a actually. Level playing ground here, you know. Yeah.

53:02 - Alexandra Corless 

Wonderful. No, I totally love it. It's just win, I don't know how many win, Win. It is like that, okay, What do you consider your greatest success from all the work you've done, and with yourself, and all the manifestation and healing you've done? Your greatest success now.

53:39 - Melissa Hiemann 

I think the fact of that with this business. For me, it's just a reflection of and like when I started on my own actually had a trigger. The other day I was sitting there and I had a Fla, like a Ptsd. Flashback of starting my business and I remember I hadn't eaten for two days because I couldn't afford to buy food and I went out for lunch with a friend and they only ate like half of it and like he goes, I don't want it anymore. But I didn't have the E, Like I couldn't say, can I eat the rest of your food?

54:14 - Melissa Hiemann 

Like, you know, But I was starving and I was like, cause I buy food when we went out. And I look at that and I look at myself now, I'm like, thank you for keeping going and not giving up. And the amount of gratitude that I have, that not In a industry that,

4:32 - Alexandra Corless 

Thank you.

54:35 - Melissa Hiemann 

you know, again when I talk about money, it's like it's looked upon. It's like being able to actually have a heart Ba based business and not be stressed about money. I'm super grateful for that. In my healing work and manifestation, I keep refining like is this an alignment? Like is this gonna serve us and our customers? And checking in with that all the time. And also becoming journey is becoming kind person myself others. Been journey for me as well. So it's been the business and all the triggers that come with that.

55:17 - Melissa Hiemann 

I feel very grateful and I feel like that has been a huge success and will continue to be. But also in my own inner journey is about how every day can I look after myself and be kinder to myself and intern. I think we like to say we're like really kind and nice, but internally we're like saying stuff about other people and that us, their souls can hear that, you know, And so it's like how, where is this bitterness coming from and working through that. So in that sense I've become a much kinder person and that for me is a huge success.

56:03 - Melissa Hiemann 

With what I've been through, how I've been treated, what I've witnessed growing up, the models that I had as women in my life, growing up for me to be like much kinder and to let go of my walls and much softer person, that is a huge success me.

56:24 - Alexandra Corless 

Oh, so beautiful, beautiful. I'm, I'm always thinking when I'm getting around internally about somebody, think, oh no, I should not, you know, like um, yeah, because you wipe it out. I mean they feel it, I mean it's, yeah, true.

56:44 - Melissa Hiemann 

And saying, yeah, and I mean that whole thing of like saying, oh, I should not feel this and shaming ourselves. It's going, this is interesting, where is this coming from Me, This is the whole healing journey. Actually furious.

56:57 - Alexandra Corless 

And it's my own, like uh, something within me, otherwise I would not do it, you know, otherwise it would not come up. I think again something, okay.

57:10 - Melissa Hiemann 

This awareness. I was thinking that this morning being aware is such a double edged sword. It's incredible, but it's really freaking hard like to be so self all the time.

57:25 - Alexandra Corless 

I mean, just don't get stressed about it, just, yeah, one step at a time, you know. Yeah, okay, but also there is the wealth aspect where people really criticize you a lot and could you sh say in a few, few words how you mean it all? Like the wealth aspect in Because we are so used to wealth means disbalance or You know, written when these things in gree, yeah.

58:03 - Melissa Hiemann 

I mean, yeah, it's, I mean I don't, no one says it to, I've only had a couple people say it directly I hear it from people like you and stuff that inform me that people are saying this behind my back. And one of my friends said it so well actually Fe, he's our tour guide for the Vietnam troops, so he said. The taller the light, the bigger the shadow. So imagine like the taller the lighthouse, the bigger the shadow that it's going to cast. And so as we share more and be like, share what's actually happening, share how well we're doing, it triggers the hell out of people that aren't, they're quite there yet.

58:44 - Melissa Hiemann 

But it also inspires a lot of people as well to keep going. And so I need to as a leader. I guess in this aspect is amm, I going to focus on the people that it's triggering and you know, are they self aware enough to work on it or am I going to keep inspiring people that it's okay to be an abundant. It's, you know, because money is just an amplifier. So, you know, when we, when we have money, we're buying organic food, which increases the organic industry and reduces pesticides that are used in the world.

59:30 - Melissa Hiemann 

We're buying clothes that aren't made in sweatshops, you know, we're buying local stuff. We like, we're not trying to ask everyone for a discount all the time. It's like when you're not abundant, you spread that non abundant. So you're like, I don't have enough money for this, can you give me a discount? All of a sudden you've just shared your not abundance with that other person and then they have less money to do what they want. And it just continually goes around. And, and it shares that scarcity around.

59:59 - Melissa Hiemann 

Whereas I can pay for root cause therapists if I want to have sessions. I had a kinesiology session yesterday. I'm giving money to healers because I'm in the industry and I love it, and I'm on the journey. I'm buying more ethical things. So it's like an amplifier of the good and the bad, right? That's all that money is. And so we have these beliefs that we look at someone with money, they're so greedy, they must have, you know, done something bad, right? And because I mean every,

1:00:37 - Alexandra Corless 


1:00:40 - Melissa Hiemann 

every show, every kids show and movie is like the rich person is a bad person. Like we're being conditioned. To think that and then. So if you get more money in the hands of actually conscious and aware people, and especially more women, it's going to rebalance the world, I think in a positive way. I mean one of my personal goals that I've thought since I was like six, seven years old is like, I want to buy lots of land and make it a reserve. Like I cry if I see all these trees knocked Like I hate I'm so connected earth and I grew up kind half in the bush as well.

1:01:17 - Melissa Hiemann 

Like I used spend hours by myself in the bush connecting to nature. And so it, it depends what your intention is with money. Some people build a lot of wealth, but it's because they feel inadequate and they don't feel like they're enough and they're doing it from their wounds and they're trying to validation and it's like a never ending pit. They're trying to get validation and the money isn't used in like, the most positive ways And so, yeah, it's kind of like when, when I'm told about these things, I'm like, well, that's interesting.

1:01:55 - Melissa Hiemann 

And sometimes it does make me want to withdraw and be like, well, you know.

1:02:05 - Alexandra Corless 

I'm so sorry now. 

1:02:07 - Melissa Hiemann 

No, you don't just say sorry, no, no. And I, I just, I find it like ca for me, if something triggers me and I wanna unfollow them, I'll unfollow them or I'll go into the trigger. Do you know what I mean? But at the end of the day. Like for me it's like the healing work, you know, that's not about money, but manifestation is about getting what you want. And so it's kind of like for that course I will share, it depends what container in, but yeah, for that course I will share my, what I'm manifesting.

1:02:46 - Melissa Hiemann 

Like it's a part of what I'm teaching for the recourse therapy, it's I will share about business. Because for me I feel like you can only support the amount people that come in. Like if you want to become a root cause therapist, but you get one client in six months, like are you really making the impact that you want to make? Do you want to see more clients? And that's why we have the business training in there, because it's like, okay, let's, I know you want to do it full let's get it out there, let's get it out there.

1:03:11 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so, yeah, I think that's. Kind of take on it.

1:03:27 - Alexandra Corless 

Very good, thanks. Yeah, I really want people to know, you know, your background, your what's, driving you. I find that very important to understand you more deep, deeply, okay. And I mean you also have More levels to Rct just quickly. It's, they just want to quickly tap on their whole package, like Rct level two. Ideal weight and things like that. So there's much more to it, to the Rct and manifestation package. It's a really Um,

1:04:12 - Melissa Hiemann 


1:04:16 - Alexandra Corless 

it's good for really everything, you know, we talked a lot of business and red, but it's really for, Human needs. You can use it.

1:04:30 - Melissa Hiemann 

I mean, yeah, there's a bundle if you want to get both or you wanna have like the root cause therapy, the past and the future. I mean the root cause therapy you can help people with their mental health, addictions, physical issues, relationship issues, self body image issues, like basically any behaviors or symptoms that they're experiencing. You can. The framework allows you to adjust for exactly what the client needs and it's helping that client to tap into the intelligence of their mind and their and it will show what you need to work on. 

1:05:06 - Melissa Hiemann 

And you're just kind of the guide in those sessions to help them heal and then help them process what wasn't processed basically during those stressful movements and traumas so they can finally let that go. And then in the level two, it's like, how can you work on the deeper level with the soul, How can you work with animals and children and physical issues and hands healing and things like that? So that's in the level two.

1:05:32 - Alexandra Corless 


1:05:35 - Melissa Hiemann 

And then the trauma reform manifestation coaching if you want to work on Your own health, you know, your own relationships, your circumstances, just in general, like your human self, like imagine she's a little dull, you know, or she's your daughter or your son or whatever. Are you like, if you're from the most self loving part, Are you happy with your current circumstances or does that environment or circumstance need to change? Kind of things. And then yeah, obviously, like the money and the business and stuff, but also know, finding love.

1:06:12 - Melissa Hiemann 

Like when I manifested Ryan, I didn't actually let him in for like six or seven months. I was like, no, And then we were talking about the other day he was like, yeah, then you finally came to your senses. I'm like shut up. I had heart walls. Like he was like, I grant him, he was waiting. He said he was like really wanting to like approach me, but cause we were working together in the business everyday and I knew he kind like,

1:06:35 - Alexandra Corless 

My gosh, they.

1:06:46 - Melissa Hiemann 

Me and I liked him, But I was like, had all these rules like, no, we have a business like you are my client before, like all of these things. I like all these rules. And then he said he went in the float tank one day and he spoke to one of his guides like he went on a journey and spoke to his spirit guide. And his spirit guide said, just keep waiting a little bit long for her. I'm like, thanks, John, his name John. Like, thanks, I just needed that little bit more time because I had been through so many toxic relationships.

1:07:20 - Melissa Hiemann 

So also the fact that he was a safe guy and a really nice person and I was in so many toxic relationships, so to actually let that goodness in and actually like it, what didn't feel normal for my nervous system to have someone safe, it didn't feel as exciting and up and down that was like a whole journey in itself, allowing something good in that didn't feel like normal, you know. So there's all of that in there. It's like again it comes down to actually giving yourself permission to have what you want, connecting with the highest version of that and then allowing that goodness to come into your life, you know, and, and at the end of the day it's like, how do I want to feel? 

1:08:02 - Melissa Hiemann 

Like don't worry, like talk about a car, a house, partner, blah, How do I wanna feel in my life, know, do I want feel like grounded, peaceful, fulfilled, driven and like that's, that's what it all comes down to with healing work and with manifesting work is like, Does it feel comfortable like in this moment, like do I feel safe and happy and fulfilled? And you know, and it's gonna be different for each person because you can't be like,

1:08:33 - Melissa Hiemann 

oh, this is your style sign, this is your purpose. It's like so individual, you know, it's so much more deeper than that. And the reason why we've come into this lie. And to understand that negative things aren't always negative, they're just like moments of challenge to allow us to grow. And so some people like my life's good, my life's bad, and they're not seeing the nature of the positive and the negative at the same time or what is coming in to help them. And so being connected to all of this allows us to see it's just a part of the journey, yeah. 

1:09:19 - Alexandra Corless 

I really hope that many people watch this video because your messages are just So wonderful really. And I think, you have a big impact on and people's lives, 

1:09:40 - Alexandra Corless 

With the time for sure, I'm happy to support that. Yeah, just um. Summarize it a little bit. I mean, we are creators, we are creative beings, creators. We have the power to change whatever we want. But it there is being trauma informed so important and also the, knowledge about the healing hangovers we can have, like You know, and people get really scared. It's not only because it takes so long or you, I mean you said it kind of before that, we feel bad and, and then we give up and, but really to pull through these healing hangovers and don't overestimate them so much, you know.

1:10:35 - Melissa Hiemann 

Yes, and I think that can scare people sometimes. Like a healing hangover is just like you're detoxing uncomfortable emotions that haven't processed in your body for decades and it comes out in three or four days. Okay, so it's not pleasant, but I always say to people, hold on, I swear that other side is incredible, it's amazing, you'll so much lighter and it's, it's like just, it's a part of it, you know, don't have anything too big planned, trust that it's, it's detoxing. And also like the beauty of the processes is that we do is that we're always asking permission of what the body can handle, so it's not going to be too much for someone.

1:11:18 - Melissa Hiemann 

It's there, we're just, we're just like kind of guiding, but we're getting that permission and the, their body is going, this person can handle doing this. There's a feel like that we can know, but you know, if you're just doing what I was originally taught was like reframing, cause rot, closer. Is based on timeline therapy. But all I was taught there was like Reframe it, but there was no somatic experiencing or releasing emotion. So I was re framing for six months. I didn't feel my body for six months.

1:11:57 - Melissa Hiemann 

I was so disconnected just trying to think positive and just like manifestation, just trying to think positive, do affirmations and reframe how you're feeling. We're adding more suppressed emotions to our body and this is like energy has to keep moving and if it gets stuck, it turns into physical issues, coping mechanisms, behaviors, substance abuse. It turns into binge eating, things like that. Because we don't, there's like so much we have to keep pushing down and suppress and avoid being connected to our bodies and finally releasing these emotions and, and these resistances.

1:12:35 - Melissa Hiemann 

And also just getting to know, like intro Sepp, like what is happening inside my body right now, how do I actually feel? Rather than just trying to conceptualize everything, It is so free. It is the most freeing thing you ever do in life. 

1:12:54 - Alexandra Corless 

Hm absolutely is.

1:12:55 - Melissa Hiemann 

So Positive thinking isn't enough. You've got like it's gotta be like a both doing both,

1:12:58 - Alexandra Corless 


1:13:01 - Melissa Hiemann 

you know?

1:13:04 - Alexandra Corless 

Totally true. Yeah, it's just uh, a little bit sad when people like get scared, you know, and don't understand it deep enough. So, so it's very important as a Coach your therapist to explain that properly and we source that and let them through.

1:13:24 - Melissa Hiemann 

Yeah, when, when we, I was actually saying that to some machines. Ologist Yesterday she's like people come in and they think it's just like fun, like a healing, like she's like, it's the one of the hardest journeys that you have. And I said, yeah, when we had people come to the healing center, we warned them we like this is very intense work and so many, but then so many people like I want it even Now because I'm sick of,

1:13:48 - Alexandra Corless 

They have to be ready.

1:13:51 - Melissa Hiemann 

they're of the sit their and they're sick of feeling they're feeling and not knowing how they're feeling and, and like having all these negative patterns and things continually happening to them. 

1:14:00 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so it's so liberating for them to stop having to deal with it externally in their life for years and years and start dealing with it internally. Yes, you feel like shoot for a week, but it completely shifts things externally for the better, so it's so worth it. Yeah. 

1:14:22 - Alexandra Corless 

Actually, it's really stunning. So people are like, what was it after the It's like it's,

1:14:29 - Melissa Hiemann 


1:14:35 - Alexandra Corless 

I love it.

1:14:35 - Melissa Hiemann 

And Even like Root therapy. It's like we actually write down how they were feeling or what they went through cause they'll come back next week. And they forgot they even felt like that cause it's so integrated and gone or that they even did that behavior. They're like, Oh, okay.

1:14:50 - Alexandra Corless 

They can't even remember that really, that was a few weeks ago, that was what I said or you know,

1:14:58 - Melissa Hiemann 


1:14:59 - Alexandra Corless 

Can't remember when, you know, it's totally gone. Yeah.

1:15:03 - Melissa Hiemann 


1:15:06 - Alexandra Corless 

Okay, so I mean it's not about becoming perfect or something, you know, but like more, can you say, more balanced? Like in the middle, like not these extremes.

1:15:19 - Melissa Hiemann 

What I like to say is, yeah, I mean definitely balance, but what I like to say is, it's like our little soul comes into the world perfect and beautiful and its own essence, you know, our own deep essence, and then all this stuff happens to us and it just like stucks on. So by the time we get to our 20 s, 30 s, 40 s, 50 s, it's like we have, we don't even know who we are and there's like so many parts of us which are like disconnected. There's so many like we have like 20 personalities based on what's happening.

1:15:52 - Melissa Hiemann 

We have all these masks that we put on depending who we're around, like where people pleasing or we, you know, holding grudges or someone for ten years and we're not letting things go. And this is our light inside. And so this process isn't about becoming perfect or about becoming someone that we're not at all what it is. It's actually like reconnecting with who we really are and peeling back those onion layers of things that happen to us. Why we have these co mechanisms the Belief like that moment that happened when we were in year ten at high school, where we got shamed and laughed at or something. 

1:16:33 - Melissa Hiemann 

And that's still affecting us, created a limiting belief that's still affecting us today and that wasn't us, you know, that, that and that happened to us. And so as we heal that we can let go of like whatever behavior that's caused or the inaction that it causes now, because we're afraid to feel that shame again. So we peel that back. And then all of a sudden, like for me, like I said before, I failed pretty nearly failed high school. I had, I was like a rebel. I was like taking drugs, I was like doing all these things. 

1:17:03 - Melissa Hiemann 

I was in toxic relationships. I was, if people would say to me, like even my dad was like, Oh, you're not very smart, so just marry someone rich or all this stuff. But when I started doing the healing work, I'm like, Oh my God, I actually, I think I am smart. It's like I was just disassociated from the trauma growing up and I couldn't concentrate at school. Like I probably would have been diagnosed. Adhd. Like I literally could not sit there and concentrate and I would always be mucking around and talking and like being a hustle for the teachers or like not even going to school, you know. 

1:17:43 - Melissa Hiemann 

And like when I started to release these limiting beliefs, it's like realizing I was I am good enough, like I, I am worthy of love. A And I'm, and I am capable and I mean, I mean even in my healing session yesterday, she's like, Oh, you don't have much confidence. Gonna these confidence drops. I'm like, I don't think people will think that like that. I don't have any confidence, but I found another yesterday that will make me even more confident because it's just being okay with who I am.

1:18:13 - Melissa Hiemann 

It's okay to be me, it's safe be me, it's safe people to hear my voice. And that is the journey of just like, it's okay to be you, it's safe to be you and share how you feel and speak your mind and do something that you feel passionate about. I think that's what. That's about.

1:18:41 - Alexandra Corless 

It is, yeah, and you have so many people on their journey to get there too, including me. I mean, who would have known, you know, ask me. A few months ago I would have said no way, but I'm here now and um. Okay, so anything else you would like to say or, or anything about your future projects or just in a few words to.

1:19:17 - Melissa Hiemann 

You did me What books to suggest,

1:19:17 - Alexandra Corless 

Round it all.

1:19:19 - Melissa Hiemann 

and I wrote little list if you do want me to share. Still, like in relation to manifesting, maybe you can't afford the course yet and you want to start the journey. And these aren't really like I said there's no maybe I should write another book but there's no combination of that I found of the trauma healing and the manifestation so you're to have to like buy separate books basically but that's obviously in the course but if you can't afford that yet for the manifesting books at Neville Goddard they say he's like the grandfather of manifesting so I think he's the one nine hundred thirty or forty he was talking about manifestation and yeah he's lots books and lectures and ozzie that's written a book um the book really helped me early on in my journey and it's about connecting with the purpose is called light is the new black and that her name's rebecca campbell and that's really good for.

1:20:23 - Melissa Hiemann 

Just starting out, like what is my purpose and how do I connect with it? The other one that really helped me in relation to understanding like the universe and how it tries to conspire to help us. I mean, it's just reflecting back beliefs about ourselves. It's The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein. But Bernstein or Bernstein E the pronunciation. And then I pulled some off my book shelf because I was like running around before I interviewed. I'm like, Wait.

1:21:03 - Alexandra Corless 

Oh, okay, deeper.

1:21:09 - Melissa Hiemann 

Is helpful for people to integrate the spirituality with success and how they feel about that and wealth and, you know, like for him it's like people, you know, even, what was her name, can't remember a name, but she was a nun. I think she's in a, in Australia. I think her name was Mary or something. And even you think about Eca Toole, you think about all the spiritual that you know about. They are very wealthy. You know, And so we don't look at them for their wealth, but they're super wealth and they're we because they have had the grit and the confidence to keep putting the message out there and people know about them.

1:21:58 - Melissa Hiemann 

And so money is just in response to the value that they give to the world. They're willing to be interviewed on Tv, they're willing to write books, they're willing to show up, show up and not wait for people to come and find them. Wealth is just a reflection of our willingness to be creative and to put ourselves out there. And I think if we demonize it's often because we're afraid to put ourselves there. So anyway, that's, and this explains in depth. So it's called a pocket of money. And why do you have this? 

1:22:37 - Alexandra Corless 

Not yet.

1:22:40 - Melissa Hiemann 

It is. It's very spiritual. I don't know who, who's watching this severe, spiritually inclined. It's very. It talks about wealth, consciousness and the subconscious and looking at it from a very spiritual perspective downloading ideas from the universe and like I said there's that willingness to be creative and to share those creations and then the wealth will reflect back to you so it's you know for example cause and effect Law of the universe, receiving from the universe, things like that.

1:23:21 - Alexandra Corless 

So basically, in short, here the traumas become creative, become we. You know, like very

1:23:29 - Melissa Hiemann 

It's just yourself have a good human experience, like wi suffer. You don't have to. 

1:23:36 - Alexandra Corless 

We all can be, yes.

1:23:38 - Melissa Hiemann 

Yeah, and we can impact in a positive way. It's just a reflection of the value that we give that we're willing to share, that's all it is. And healing our traumas just helps us feel safer to put ourselves out there and create a positive impact.

1:23:58 - Alexandra Corless 

The positive impact, willing to Create a positive impact. Yeah, and then it comes back sure, very, it's logical in a way.

1:24:10 - Melissa Hiemann 

No, but that's, that's how I teach. I like to share both the logical and the illogical for either people, you know. It's, it's simplifying it, but it's, and there's a lot of things to be aware of But I think a lot of people try to manifest blindly or just think they're to change their life just healing trauma. And I think that that's what inspired me to bring this course together. Yeah, so I mean I did a breath wk healing a couple of months ago and I was just absolutely balling my eyes out because my inner child just said thank you for everything you've done for me.

1:24:47 - Melissa Hiemann 

I'm gonna tear up again just thinking about it.

1:24:56 - Alexandra Corless 

I can feel it like,

1:24:59 - Melissa Hiemann 

And I was just like, oh my God, it was just this sense of like, you're welcome, like, yeah, it has been for you, you know. And the more heal are in your children are, the more functioning, positive, loving adults we're going to be. And we're heal that next generation as well. So yeah. 

1:25:21 - Alexandra Corless 

It needs it very much so.

1:25:23 - Melissa Hiemann 


1:25:26 - Alexandra Corless 

Wonderful. Melissa, Thank you so much for sharing all this with me,

1:25:30 - Melissa Hiemann 


1:25:30 - Alexandra Corless 

with us.


1:25:32 - Melissa Hiemann 

I thank you. Students like you that you know help us keep going and you don't realize how much you energetically support us in the community and so thank you and

1:25:43 - Alexandra Corless 

Yeah, because I can see the value, because I see what it does, because it gives so much hope and uh, so much. You know, I can see what the impact could do. It's totally worth supporting this, you know, and the more people know and understand, the better. Yeah,

1:26:11 - Melissa Hiemann 

You know.

1:26:11 - Alexandra Corless 

I mean,

1:26:12 - Melissa Hiemann 

you're already experiencing, like you being supportive of us, you're getting supported, you know, you're getting clients, you're getting out there as well. And if we just keep helping each other and supporting each other, wanting the best for other people, the universal would reflect that back to us because.

1:26:33 - Alexandra Corless 

It is beautiful.

1:26:37 - Melissa Hiemann 


1:26:39 - Alexandra Corless 

Yeah and I had to get fifty five years old to have this find this store I was looking for so long. I mean, I did steps and learned a lot and I had my healing journey. So, but this was really this, opener, this, yeah, I was looking for, it was the turning point. So thank you for that again. Okay so um if somebody wants to know more about melissa the centre for healing the website is the centre for healing dot com there's also Directory. If you want to find practitioners or coaches There are also courses like free courses and pre courses and master classes and yeah, for having a deeper look, that's it for today.

1:27:39 - Alexandra Corless 

Is there anything else you would like to say or.

1:27:44 - Melissa Hiemann 

And also, Alexandra I'll give you some of your own links so if um, people can sign up with your own um, discount code as well, so I can, so they can come through you if they wanna do the course as well.

1:27:59 - Alexandra Corless 

The affiliation program Yeah, I have that, yeah, if somebody wants to quote from me. Absolutely, get a few percent off.

1:28:09 - Melissa Hiemann 


1:28:10 - Alexandra Corless 

Thank you for that. Okay, Melissa, see you another time, then bye.


Peace & Blessing,
Melissa Hiemann (Creator of Trauma Informed Manifestation Coaching Certification)


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