Exploring Adult Child & Parent Dynamics


In this wide ranging discussion Daniel Maté speaks with Ryan Hassan & Matt Nettleton (creators of Embodied Processing) about the interesting dynamics between adult children and their parents.

Daniel goes in depth around the challenges and healing he has had with his father Gabor Maté.
Also the need to move away from the term 'boundaries' and more into an attitude of working out what environment we need to create in order for us to thrive as humans.

It's a relationship dynamic that isn't discussed very much in this context. We hope you enjoy the discussion and can take some value for your own life.

Here are recordings of 2 Hello Again workshops facilitated by Daniel & Gabor Maté:
Hello Again 2016
Hello Again 2022

Get in touch with Daniel:
Walk with Daniel - https://www.walkwithdaniel.com/ 
Daniel Maté website - https://www.danielmate.com/ 
Lyrics to Go on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyRD8upUhMmCsiQvkFYKQlQ 

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Daniel Maté Interview


Interview with co-author of The Myth of Normal, Daniel Maté

Ryan & Matt, co-creators of Embodied Processing had the pleasure of recording a conversation with Daniel Maté.
Daniel is co-author with his father Gabor of the new groundbreaking book The Myth of Normal; Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture.

In this wide ranging discussion Daniel talks openly about:
- Bringing such an important book to life
- How the book has been received & how his life has changed since
- What healing actually can look like on an individual & collective level
- His own healing process (involving a Mexican immigration jail)
- The strains & healing in the relationship with his father Gabor
- Whether we should be hopeful or pessimistic about our future as a society

We hope you enjoy the chat as much as we did!

Get in touch with Daniel & Gabor:
Walk with Daniel - https://www.walkwithdaniel.com/ 
Daniel Maté website - https://www.danielmate.com/ 

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