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Embodied Processing Student Interview - Martina Booth anxiety coach embodied processing healing jealousy trauma trauma therapy Oct 15, 2022

Martina Booth (The Jealousy coach) joins us to talk about her experience with the Embodied Processing Practitioner Training.
We talk about being a coach and not sure how to approach trauma to her...

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The Conditioned Nervous System (PART 3) abused abuser addiction addictionrecovery anger anxiety autonomic nervous system behaviour embodied processing emotions fawn fight fight or flight response relationships trauma trigger traumahealing Sep 26, 2022

A trauma-sensitive perspective on abuser/abused, victim/narcissist 

This is part 3, please first refer to part 1 and part 2 before reading. (Click the highlighted link)


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Anxiety through the lens of Trauma anxiety embodied processing embodiement healing trauma Aug 15, 2022

In this class creators of Embodied Processing, Ryan & Matt, talk about the drivers of anxiety through the lens of trauma.

What's Covered:
- Types of Anxiety
- The Underlying Causes
- The Bandaids...

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