The Unconscious & The Body (Part 2)

Following on from the article last week about the discovery of the unconscious mind, how it works and what it is, this week I will be speaking to the unconscious mind and the body.

Through my own internal journey, something I feel that Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung did not understand, or had not yet come to see clearly is the direct relationship between the unconscious mind and the felt sense of the body. Even the term ‘relationship’ is itself misleading as they are not two separate things, they are essentially one.

In my own exploration and experience I have concluded that the felt sense of the body is the unconscious mind, and the unconscious mind is what creates the felt sense of our body. 

Anything that is unconscious within us can be made conscious through directly feeling the body. The presence of contractions, densities, pains, pleasures and different subtleties in energy are in fact the very imprints that make up the unconscious mind.

This may seem foreign...

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What is the Unconscious Mind?

Sigmund Freud was the first to speak about the idea that below the thoughts that we are consciously aware of, our conscious mind, exists an unconscious mind. 

The unconscious is the machinery that is essentially running the show, it is the cogs and drivers that govern our decisions, our thinking processes, our motivations, our filters and our perception of the world and our sense of self.

It is the building blocks that make up our individual interpretation of experience. After Sigmund Freud was another man named Carl Jung, who traversed the landscape of the unconscious, discovering many of the individual as well as collective archetypes that govern most human beings. 

Back in their day, the unconscious was not a widely accepted or understood theory. These days it is different, the unconscious mind is an accepted fact in modern day psychology as well as many other therapeutic practices.

The aim of many therapies is to work directly with the unconscious, to change limiting...

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The Nervous System

The science behind the nervous system has evolved in recent years due to the studies of Stephen Porges and polyvagal theory.

This discovery has given us deeper insights into the nature of trauma as well as the shutdown, freeze and fawn responses and what happens in our neurophysiology when we enter these states.

Understanding the nervous system is like having a map of Texas, we can use the map to navigate the terrain and walk through the different landscapes without getting lost in it. Though, it is important to remember that the map is never the territory.

In other words the map is a helpful tool but it is via exploring and navigating our own direct experience that gives us true insight and brings about transformation.

We can have read and understand every study there is about strawberries, what makes them grow, what they taste like, what environments are most conducive for them etc, all of which are helpful in navigating and understanding a strawberry, but it is only by biting...

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HEALING MONEY TRAUMA & STRESS with Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching



I just wanted to start with a disclaimer, as we are talking about finances and money; I’m not a certified financial planner/advisor nor a certified financial analyst nor an economist nor a CPA nor an accountant or a lawyer. I’m not a finance professional through formal education. It is up to you to take responsibility for any financial decisions and seek advice from a qualified financial advisor or accountant.


For most of us, when we think about money, our bodies can start to become tense. This sensation in our body shows up as contraction and anxiety. 


When we are in this contracted state, we are worried about letting the energy of money flow out, but most importantly flow in. 


When we experience financial stress, it affects our deepest sense of security and safety in the world.


Money is a representation of our ability to have options and have our basic needs met.


When we don't have this resource, it can negatively...

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Suppression of Joy

A friend of mine once told me a story of when Columbus ships landed on the Caribbean. The captains and sailors were very taken back by the natives and how happy they were.

Some of the sailors wrote letters to their families back home telling them how the natives were far too happy and needed to be disciplined, and others spoke about how the worst thing about the natives was how they did not spank their children.

My friend called this kind of thinking and conditioning “organised crime”.

As we develop through our formative years often we experience an inherent disconnect where we learn to suppress and control ourselves in very toxic ways.




The way we are met by our culture, by our caregivers, by our educators and peers can potentially cause a shutting down of our natural, spontaneous way of expressing who we are in any given moment.

This often causes a split in the psyche, the “I”...

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Addiction for a very long time is something that has been stigmatised, shamed, looked down upon and people who are suffering from addiction are punished, outcasted from society and sent to prison.

The cultural view on addiction for the most part is that it has been some kind of moral failing, lack of willpower, a personal defect within the person or a conscious choice someone makes (like anyone would choose to live a life suffering in the grips of addiction).

The second model of addiction arose with the creation of 12 step programs, which is the disease model. This was a step in the right direction as it taught so called “addicts” to relate to themselves differently.

They where taught that they have an incurable disease which must be managed and if they where to refrain from using substances, they must attend meetings and work a thorough program in order to live a functional life free from their substance of choice, and the chaos active addiction causes.



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What's the difference between Root-Cause Therapy and Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching?

Many people who find our work wonder where to start. Both of our flagship trainings, Root-Cause Therapy and Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching Certification. While both courses aim at healing trauma and blocks and fully resolving underlying issues causing us to have pain in our lives or stop us from achieving our goals, they’re also distinctly different in terms of one being therapy and the other coaching (that cross over to each other).

Here’s a short breakdown of the two:

Root-Cause Therapy

Root-Cause Therapy is the original method, created by Melissa Hiemann, used when The Centre for Healing opened its doors 7 years ago in Melbourne.  It was used to successfully treat addiction and mental health issues. 

After seeing the results of thousands of clients pass through our doors, we decided to begin training practitioners in the method, understanding that there would always be a limit on how much we could do ourselves.   


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What is Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching?


 What is Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching?

Well, let’s start with, what manifestation is…

Manifestation is the process that is happening all the time for all of us. We are constantly manifesting what we want and don't want into our current experience. With our thoughts, emotions, visions and expectations, we are creating our own reality and allowing what we have or don’t have in it. 

I say "allow", because in past experiences, conditioning, family values and belief systems (red flags from our nervous system) we can limit how much ‘good’ or how much of what we want into our experience. (I learnt this the hard way!).

This is where being trauma-informed comes into play.

When we think about manifestation, which is thinking about and taking action towards what we want... the only part of us that would stop that is our human selves, our ancient nervous systems. Our nervous systems are geared towards safety and survival. It has...

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Protection vs Connection

There was a discovery made by Bruce Lipton where he found that every cell in our body has two switches. One side of the switch being shutdown and survival, the other side of the switch being thriving and growth.

Each cell in our body has this switch, and is either switched on or off at any given moment. There is no middle, we are either in a state of connection or a state of protection.

The human species has primarily lived from a place of survival for thousands of years, our environment has caused our nervous system to adapt and learn to live from a place driven by unconscious fear. The primary objective of this fear is; survival of the individual, survival of the family, and survival of the collective.

When we are in a state of protection the areas of the brain that govern rationality, compassion, clear thinking, understanding and other positive qualities gets taken offline to varying degrees. We cannot be in protection and connection at the same time.

Is it any wonder then that...

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There's Nothing Wrong With You

Once I was speaking to someone on the other side of the planet, we were discussing the deep seeded feeling that “there is something wrong with me”. They said to me “Oh, you guys have that too!”.

This showed me that this is a collective belief/feeling and is inherent in the current state of consciousness of human beings. The truth is, the belief that there is something wrong is a misperception.

It arises when we view reality through the mind. We feel disconnected from the rest of life, like lonely strangers in this vast universe. We feel like aliens on our own planet and amongst our own species.

We become so individuated, so isolated within the prison of our own thoughts that we feel alone in a room full of other beings. 

The mind filters reality, it superimposes a fabricated “world” over the top of the real world.

It is not based on reality, but is more of a projection over the top of reality and this is why some new age spiritual...

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