Mindfulness Made Easy


Mindfulness - The Buzz Term of the Last Decade

We could jump on Amazon and buy 100 different mindfulness book right now.
There is so much different information on what is a very simple topic.

In the above video I attempt to break it down as simply as I possibly can.
Along with a daily practice to maintain our 'Mindful' state.

During this experience of being a human being there are only 3 things we'll be aware (or mindful) of.
- The Outside World
- Thoughts
- Emotions

These are quite broad categories however they are all we'll experience.
The issue comes when we forget that we're experiencing them and we become them.

We spend our lives trying to manipulate the outside world in order to feel less disturbance in our thoughts & emotions.

Be different. Step off the hamster wheel.

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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Meditation for Healers, Therapists, Coaches & Counsellors


When we're working with clients on a deep level it's so important that we protect our own energy to prevent burnout.

If we burnout then we can't help anyone at all.

Below is a 15 minute Guided Meditation & also 2 hours of Healing Music to be used for your own practice or in sessions.

Guided Meditation for Healers, Therapists, Coaches & Counsellors:

Healing Music (2 hours):

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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Can Someone Heal in a Toxic Environment?


Trauma Healing is a Lifestyle.

We can think about this topic imagining a fish living in a toxic fishbowl.
Let's say the fish wants to make change in their life and decides to do some therapy.

For 1 hour a week the fish leaves its bowl and sees a therapist and it feels great.
Even though there are uncomfortable things to work through, it feels great to be in a place of non-judgement and someone who really 'gets' them.

During the session emotions have been purged and they feel 'lighter'.
Problem is, as soon as they jump back into their bowl the toxicity of the water starts to seep into them again.

It doesn't take long  before they're messaging their Therapist saying:
"I need another session!!"

If our environment isn't set up for our healing & success then it makes things very difficult.
We tend to see it lead to session dependance and frustration.

That's not to say everything needs to be changed all at once.
As long as someone is moving in the direction of improving their...

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Root-Cause Therapy: Live Demo Session


Structure of a Root-Cause Therapy Session

Testing Sheet.
A structured sheet of questions to elicit what's happening in the clients life, both externally & emotionally.

Belief Testing.
Opening up a dialogue with the body using methods of Kinesiology to determine the subconscious beliefs the client has that are holding them back.

Finding the Root-Cause.
Using a visualisation and direct language speaking the unconscious mind we find the first originating event where the belief was created and emotion suppressed.
The emotion is processed and the event can be looked at with 'new eyes'.
New learnings are gained so now the memory has a different energetic imprint.

Root-Cause Therapy Practitioner Training - https://thecentreforhealing.com/root-cause-therapy-certification-1 

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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Trauma & Spirituality


There comes a time in this work when we start to ponder;
If i'm not my habits or routines?
If I'm not my traumas?
If I'm not my mental & emotional patterns?
If I'm not what happened to me?
Then.......Who am I??

Here we find the undeniable link between Trauma Healing & Spirituality.

One of the most crucial parts of this journey is realising parts of us will fall away.
A lot of people get stuck at this point as they're consciously wanting change however the pain of an old 'part' dying is too great and so the process stops.

We're always unconsciously trying to 'hold' our identity together.

Letting go is scary but true transformation sits on the other side of it.

As Matt puts it:
"There's a you that desperately wants to go to the beach so you embark on the journey. But going to the beach requires transformation, so by the time you get to the beach the part of you that wanted to go had to die off........the journey of spirituality isn't one of getting anywhere"

Ryan Hassan...

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How do I get More Energy?!


The Shakti....that's what we love

Our Shakti is our Energy, our life force. We love to feel it and whether we know it or not, the actions we take are because we believe that 'thing' will stimulate this Shakti.

Truth is we have so much dormant energy within us, incredible amounts!
But for most of us, it's blocked.
It's like a powerful river that has been clogged up with rocks, pebbles & boulders.
To the point where only trickles of water are running through.

As we move through time & space our Consciousness (our energy) gets stuck at certain points, we cannot digest certain life experiences, we cannot properly process them, so a small fragment of our energy remains there while the rest moves through time & space with us.

This is essentially putting a rock in the river.

All of a sudden we're 40 years old and our life energy is greatly diminished.
We blame it on 'ageing' when in actual fact our energy is scattered across dozens (or hundreds) or undigested life experiences.


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What is Embodied Processing?


Embodied Processing is the Bottom Up Approach to Healing Trauma & Nervous System Dysregulation

It is a Somatic Therapy based on a combination of ancient wisdom & the latest neuroscience in the field of trauma.

Navigating the Terrain

Guiding someone through the traumatic imprints, subconscious imagery & unconscious beliefs of their body can be daunting.
That's why having a map when we're learning is so important.

A lot of this process is one of Discernment.

- Discerning what is best to be investigated in that session.
- Discerning what is going to bring on a felt sense of safety for the client.
- Discerning the predominant emotion associated with the trigger
- Discerning the origin of the imprint
- Discerning which processing technique will help the client move through the emotion
- Discerning completion of the traumatic event
- Discerning the clients nervous system state throughout

With the right framework you can confidently start practicing and gaining experience.
The more...

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Embodied Processing Session: Withdrawing in Relationship


Things to note from the above Embodied Processing session:

Gently Coming Back to the Body

We let the mind speak when it wants to, we gather that information then drop down into the body again, noticing how it 'lands'

All is Welcome

The mind loves to judge, it attempts to categorise all content it comes across.
When doing this work there is no judgement as to what comes up.
Be it an emotion, sensation, movement, thought, visual in the mind, etc. 
There is no judgement, all parts of this human are welcome here.

Us humans are so used to being judged, it is our expectation.
Great healing can happen when someone can be with their experience with no judgement.

Encourage the Movement

Whether its physical movement or emotional movement, as long as the client feels contained we encourage the continuation and even the exaggeration of the movement.
This is letting the bodies natural processes find completion.

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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The Importance of Safety in Healing


"Safety is Healing" - Dr Stephen Porges

When someone has accumulated many traumatic imprints throughout their life, with no skills to regulate or process then the nervous system loses its sense of Safety.

We can go decades without truly feeling safe in our bodies.
At this point there is no capacity to deal with life's various situations & challenges.

When we Grow in Capacity then we have a solid foundation to deal with these challenges.
A container of Safety will start to build resilience and the emotional reactions can be dissolved into this safety.

Once our capacity continues to grow then the old emotional wounds from our past can be welcomed back to be integrated.

Feeling safe in the body can be a gradual process.
Like planting a seed. If we water that seed and continually look after it, it will grow.

We know we are growing when our language changes from "I can't handle this" to "I got this!"

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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5 Techniques for Processing Emotions


"The State that we're in & the Emotions we're Experiencing will dictate the course of our Lives"

When we came into this world we started learning many things.
Crawling, walking, talking, socialising, sport, eating, etc...

One thing most of us didn't learn was how to properly process emotions.
This is no ones fault, if our parents knew they would of taught us.

If you're reading this then it's safe for me to assume that you're on a personal growth journey and/or working in the field of helping others.
On that path, early on, we realise that our emotions are controlling our life.

If we want to start to master our life we must first master our emotions.

This doesn't mean we don't have emotional reactions, for this is part of being a human being.
It means being able to contain them and not get lost in their energy.

In the above video we discuss different techniques for processing emotions, both from day to day life and from our past.
The underlying theme they all have is that we Turn...

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