What is your Somatic Identity?


What does it feel like to be you, in your body, in this moment?

When describing who we are we automatically start talking about our roles and 'what we do'
Yes, this is one level of identity however it's not truly where we live is it?

We live in our body, not in the psychological concepts & ideas of our function in society.
We live in the direct experience of what it means to be 'us'

Most people are very cut off from their Somatic Identity and for very good reason.
Coming down into the body is uncomfortable, there is emotional disturbance & agitation there.

Most were never taught how to be with uncomfortable sensation and so, from a young age, we disconnect. Disembodiment ensues.

The process of embodiment isn't an easy one as we have to meet these disturbances that we initially escaped from, this is why having an experienced guide is so helpful early on.

The journey is worth it however, as when we can spend more time in our body, feeling safe, we can actually experience life to...

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Addiction...what causes it??



In spiritual circles you might hear addiction described as a loss of the Self or Soul.
People often say the addictive behaviour is an attempt to get Home, a longing to experience their true self.

From a nervous system perspective the behaviour is actually trying to find Home....ostasis.

When someone becomes dysregulated due to their life circumstances they will get 'stuck' pinging between a shutdown response & over activation.
Using external means to try and regulate is a natural human inclination.

Some of these means are stigmatised by society, some are rewarded. The mechanism however, is the same.

If we only spend our time looking at the surface level manifestation of addiction then we can never truly understand.
We'll get stuck treating symptoms and telling people to "just say No"

This lens with which the collective has viewed addiction up until now has seen a slow steady increase in addiction rates over the past couple of centuries, despite a 'war' being declared...

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3 Myths About Trauma


3 Myths about Trauma

1 - Trauma is what happens to us

We classically think of trauma as a certain event, sexual abuse, veteran at war, car crash.
Trauma is actually what happens INSIDE of us as a result of external stimulus.

Here is what happens inside during trauma:
- A Nervous System in Overwhelm (Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn)
- Stored Emotional Energy / Survival Stress
- Creation of Painful Narratives
- Orphaned Parts

When we don't have a stable Resource of Safety to process the first 2, we then create the second 2.

This is the birth of a trauma & the associated trauma responses in similar life situations.

2 - What is traumatic for one person is traumatic for everyone

Based on the above point of trauma happening inside, we can see that different events may or may not be traumatic to a certain individual.

Some events will be traumatic to 95% of the population, some for 50% of the population and some events will only be traumatic to 5% of people.
We should never compare what...

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Autonomic Nervous System 101


Fight / Flight / Freeze / Fawn

I'm sure you've heard of these nervous system states at some point.
In the above video we talk about what that actually looks like inside the branches of the Autonomic Nervous System.

When our nervous system perceives threat in the environment it will make a decision (without our conscious awareness of 'why') as to which state will be most beneficial to our survival.

Now our nervous system is not only reacting to physical threat, it is reacting to threats to our identity.
The mechanism is actually the same.

Fight / Flight
- Sympathetic
- Mobilised 
- Intense Energy
- "MOVE"

Freeze / Fawn
- Para-sympathetic
- Immobilised
- Shutdown or Collapse
- Dissociation 

Connection / Social Engagement
- Ventral Vagal
- Safe (no Fear)
- Meditative State
- Play & Fun

Being able to activate the Ventral Vagus will start to re-adapt the nervous system.
Meaning we can regulate in a more efficient manner, both with circumstances that arise in our daily life & when...

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What is an Orphaned Part?


Orphaned Part = Split off part of one's Psyche & Being

Created during a time of extreme distress.
The Nervous System perceives threat and the 'threat response' never finds full completion.

The Orphaned Part, from that day forward, will keep an eye out for a potentially similar situation to occur.
We get stuck in a Hyper Vigilant state.

Most humans have dozens (sometimes a lot more) of these parts which become active during the day.
When we can never find relief from the hyper vigilance then we tend to turn to Coping Mechanisms, drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, shopping, sex, work, etc.

We hear the term Integration a lot in the healing world.
What we are integrating is these Orphaned Parts.
Finding them, locating their origin, understanding them, processing them & welcoming them back Home.

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

Want to work with us?
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Want to Deepen your own Healing Journey or...

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Imaginative Overlay

Have you ever had a dream and forgot that you were dreaming?
Have you ever been so immersed in your own imagination, that you believed it to be 100% real?
(read in morpheus voice)

If we close our eyes and imagine biting into a banana, allowing ourselves to go deeply into the experience of it, immersing ourselves in the sensations and images.
Maybe we dislike the taste of bananas, and we feel our body cringe a little.

Maybe we love the taste, and we feel our mouth salivate.
Only for a moment later to open our eyes and look around to clearly see that none of it actually happened.

It was an experience that happened primarily in the theatre of the mind.

The body-mind has a remarkable capability to experience whatever we are imagining as real. Hence why our mouth can physically salivate just from our imaginings.

The objective world disappears and our experience becomes immersed in an imaginative world where we are eating a banana. None of which is actually happening. 


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The Release of Survival Stress

Stress contractions accumulate over one's life created by situations where there is perceived threat, whether that be to one's identity or an actual physical threat.

They accumulate within the individual, as well as the collective soma.

This stress gets stored in the muscles, fascia, belly, chest and other areas of the soma. This creates density within the physical structure that can actually shape:
- one's posture
- one's belief systems
- one's sense of self

This also governs the way one moves and engages in the world. The energy of the system is in its contracted or closed state, which in turn gives a specific kind of experience of feeling separate and localised.

That is what some spiritual traditions refer to as ego identification.

The contractions inhibit the body's natural flow of intelligence that heals and regulates the system, eventually showing up as psychosomatic and physical illness.


The governing...

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Our Individual Essence

Beneath our adaptations and survival based concepts which veil our naturalness is our individual essence.

The more one's body and psyche is disentangled from the conditioning of our childhood, from our collective unconscious and from cultural norms, the more our unique individual essence becomes apparent.

In essence we are each as distinct as a fingerprint, as one of my teachers would say we are spirit dancing a unique dance, yet on the level of skin we are all unified and the same.

Just as on one level each tree is unparalleled and separate, they are all in essence made of wood.

The individual essence is not in opposition to a unified state, but complementary as we are multidimensional beings.

In an integrated state of wholeness we leave no stone unturned, we learn to inhabit our humanity, our individuality and our unity. Not as a conceptual understanding but an experiential reality. 

Our individual essence is our birthright, it is the unique expression of the life force...

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What are Adaptations?

As we develop through our childhood we slowly learn which parts of ourselves are acceptable, and which parts are not.

We learn via our parents, our teachers, our culture, social structure, social cues, we learn from television, from the internet and from our peers.

When a part of our self structure arises, and we are shamed, attacked or if love is withdrawn our relationship to this part of our self then reflects the way it was met. We then adapt to our environment, and contort ourselves accordingly in order to maintain an attachment to those whom our survival depends upon.

Nature is quite busy creating beautiful individuals, unique expressions of life itself, whilst at the same time we are busy attempting to make everybody the same. As we develop we slowly learn how to orient ourselves in the world, we develop a feeling of “who we are” and how we fit in.

The primary motivating factor is love, love and attachment from our primary caregivers and those we look up to. The...

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What's the Difference Between Embodied Processing and Root-Cause Therapy?


Click 'play' above to watch the video above which explains the main concepts of each modality and how they can work together.

Many people who find our work wonder where to start. Both of our flagship trainings, Root-Cause Therapy and Embodied Processing, which certify you to begin a professional healing practice have quite a few similarities. While both courses aim at healing trauma and fully resolving underlying issues causing us to have pain in our lives, they’re also distinctly different in terms of the way they’re delivered and the energy of the trainers.  

Here’s a short breakdown of the two:

Root Cause Therapy

Root Cause Therapy is the original method, created by Melissa Hiemann, used when The Centre for Healing opened its doors 7 years ago in Melbourne.  It was used to successfully treat addiction and mental health issues. 

After seeing the results of thousands of clients pass through our doors, we decided to begin training practitioners...

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